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Top 5 Benefits of Using LED Downlights When Building a New Home

When building a home, design and structure are not the only things you need to think about. You also need to take into account the small things that will make a huge impact inside and outside your home.

One of these is lighting.

Have you thought about your home’s lighting system? What type of fixtures do you want to use in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom?

When you build a house, you have to plan ahead the type of bulbs, outlets, switches, and the likes to be installed. Make sure your plan includes downlights. These days, most new houses are now using Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs.

LED bulbs are known to be power-saving and more efficient which makes it preferable to use. It comes in different shapes and sizes to fit different needs. It can be used outdoors and indoors. There are also benefits to using LED downlights for your new home.

Electrician fixes round ceiling light in room

1. Cost-Saving

Unlike incandescent bulbs or fluorescent, LEDs consume less power but provide enough brightness in a room. With lower wattage, the power charged on your monthly consumption is lower which translates to reduced utility bills. This is perfect in keeping your living costs in your new home to a minimum.

Apart from this, the number of downlights you have to install when house building is fewer since each bulb produces stronger and brighter illumination than regular ones. The fewer fixtures you have to purchase, the lower your construction expenses will be.

Three Chrome And Yellow Contemporary Kitchen Pendant Lighting

2. Stylish but Practical

LEDs are aesthetically pleasing. In comparison to fluorescent lights, LEDs have more options on shape or form. Most downlights are concealed and embedded in the ceiling. With LED lights, you can simply install it on the concealed socket without the actual bulb peeking through. You can keep your lights neat and clean but bright and clear.

Also, you have options of using warm or cool lights. If you want the ambiance of your home cosy and dim, warm LEDs can be used. Meanwhile, if you want something well-lit and luminous, cool lighting is recommended.

Additionally, using light emitting diode bulbs is a good investment for the future. LED lights are one of the things home buyers look for in a property, which will be to your advantage if you plan to sell in the future. LED downlights could add more value to your property.

Ceiling Downlights

3. Design Flexibility

Although LED bulbs sport a practical design, they are flexible enough to be used in a variety of ceiling design and lighting systems. You have the option to arrange interior lighting exactly how you prefer. If you choose those in different colours, you can opt for a creative and customisable lighting solution.

4. Easily Available

These days, LED downlights are readily available in hardware stores near you. They are very easy to find for your first installation. Should you need a replacement, you can easily find a new bulb too. Availability often influences project cost too. The rarer a building material is, for example, the more expensive it is. So you’re better off with LED downlights that are available everywhere.

5. Safety

Unlike traditional lighting methods, LED downlights produce less heat, resulting in a longer-lasting fixture. They will not affect the indoor temperature of your home as well, keeping AC use to a minimum.

Downlights are known to add seamless sophistication to different parts of your home. This is why they have become one of the most popular lighting options today. Just make sure to use LED bulbs for energy efficiency, safety, practicality, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.