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LED Strip Lights

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Times change and so do tastes and fashions. In the past home lighting was a pretty simple affair but today there are a whole host of ways for you to make your home stand out a little bit from every body else’s. LED strip lights are a great way to do this. LED strip lights are a highly simple way to add light to your rooms in parts of it that traditional lights just wouldn’t have been able to reach. LED strip lights are easy ti install and when you buy LED strip lights from Eurolight you know that you’ll be getting them at the best price around too!

LED strip lights

Change it up a bit in your home with LED strip lights!

LED strip lights are beautifully simple in that they come with adhesive backing that means you can just stick them up wherever you need them. For this reason LED strip lights are often used as temporary lighting but due to the durability of LED strip lights there is also no reason why you can’t also install them as a long term part of any one of the rooms in your home. As you can imagine for something so versatile LED strip lights come in a variety of guises, depending on colour, adhesiveness, and water resistance. A few of the most common forms of LED strip lights are:

  • Single Colour, non-addressable: Every LED lighting on the strand is a single white colour, typically ranging from 2700K to 6500K in colour temperature. A single chip address all of the LED in the strand at once so each setting is applied to every LED
  • RGB, non-addressable: Similar to the single colour, non-addressable LED strand, RGB strands have multiple colours available but the entire strand uses the same address so all LEDs show the same colour.
  • RGB, Addressable: Multiple colours and addresses. Each LED strip lights has its own chip meaning they can be individually triggered for chasing, strobing, and colour changing.

Whatever type of LED strip lights you are after you know that at Eurolight we never let you down when it comes to providing you with the perfect solutions for your LED lighting needs. We stock all of the latest LED strip lights styles and variations and our brilliant team of knowledgeable staff are always on hand to talk you through exactly what will be the right solution for you.

At Eurolight we specialise in LED strip lights and just about everything else that goes into your home, office, or holiday space shine brilliantly. We’re the best around when it comes to LED strip lights and we guarantee that you when you decide to shop with Eurolight that we will never leave you disappointed. Get in touch today and let’s talk about how we can make your space light up to perfection!