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The LED Downlight Is The Perfect Way To Illuminate Your Home

Have a think about the LED downlight when you next come to spruce things with your home lighting

At Eurolight we’re huge fans of the LED downlight. The beauty of this fixture is its simplicity. With an LED downlight you get unobtrusive lighting that saves you space and also adds a touch of class to whichever room you decide to install it in. The LED downlight is perfect for general ambient lighting as well as for more focused task lighting.

As with all light fixtures there is a lot to think about when it comes to an LED downlight. One of the biggest and most important things to consider when installing LED downlight is the height of your ceiling.Light from your LED downlight is thrown in a downward direction in the shape of a cone. The cones of light normally cross at least 30 inches from the floor. From a taller ceiling, the LED downlight will intersect at a higher level so you won’t require more LED downlight, just a brighter wattage.

An essential thing you must include when installing an LED downlight is a dimmer system. The Downlight was made for the dimmer and by installing one with your LED downlights you get the chance to play with the feel of your room whenever the fancy takes you. If you have an open-plan space, use dimmer switches to control the different zones to give additional flexibility for your LED downlight.

LED Downlights

When it comes to spacing there are also a number of things you need to consider when you are thinking about the installation of an Downlight. You need to try and space the LED downlight two feet apart and you must always attempt to avoid any shadowing. If you are working with a high ceiling you can even think about having a 4 feet gap between your LED downlight.

For task lighting there is a load to think about again when it comes to Downlight. If you are installing LED downlight in a kitchen over a work surface make sure that you use a LED downlight with a narrower beam angle. If your LED downlight is coming to come into contact with water ensure that you choose an IP rated option.

LED Downlights

Whichever way you want to go with Downlights options and wherever you want to install them, there are always a lot of things to consider when doing so. At Eurolight we’ve heard all of the questions before so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us when you are thinking about installing LED downlight in your home. We’re not know as the best in the business for no reason. Give us a shout today and w’ll give you all of the information you need on LED downlights and any other tips or tricks you might want for when it comes to making your home light up perfectly.