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Eurolight the Only Choice When it Comes to Downlights


Add a Touch of Class to Your Home with Downlights

When it comes to downlights there is only place to turn. Eurolight is that place as we are widely recognised as one of Australia’s premier stockists of downlights and anything you could ever wish for when you want to add some brilliant light to your home.

For those who aren’t in the know, about Eurolight or downlights, here is a little instructional guide on what downlights are and why you need them in your home. Downlights are the hidden little gems of what you might think when considering the traditional lightbulb. Unlike lightbulbs, however, downlights are placed within a wall or unit rather than hanging from the roof or sticking out at the end of a lamp. Downlights are understated and always add a little bit of finesse to any room they adorn.


At Eurolight we know all about lights, downlights, and just about any element that goes into the lighting of your home. We love grand classic chandeliers just as much as we love a traditional old lamp with a big bright lightbulb on the end of it, but fashions change and more and more people are opting for understated lighting that LED downlights bring to a room when they are thinking about revitalising a room these days.

There are two parts to downlights, the trim and housing. The trim is the visible portion of the light. It is the insert that is seen when looking up into the fixture, and also includes the thin lining around the edge of the light. The housing is the fixture itself that is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder. At Eurolight we stock all sections of LED Down Light from the biggest brands in the business so you can always rest assured that whether buying downlights or any other kind of fitting that you are getting a high-end professional product when you make the decision to shop with us. Not only are our LED downlights of the highest quality but we also make sure that they come at the most competitive prices around.

Energy Efficient LED Downlights

If you think that your home could do with some downlights to give it a whole new look why you don’t call into the store today to talk with one of our highly knowledgeable sales assistant about exactly which downlights would be the best option for you. Are staff are professionals in their field and after a short consultation about your personal needs they will be able to offer you a selection of downlights that will be perfect for your needs. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to come and visit us in store, all of our LED downlights and every other top quality product that we stock is available to view on our easy to navigate website.

So let us help you make your home a brighter place for you today, whether it’s LED downlights or any other kind of light solution that you are looking for. We’re ready to light up your world!