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Thoughts on Chandeliers

In the not too distant past most people would never really consider chandeliers for their home. Chandeliers are something that we often associate with palaces or grand mansions but today more and more people are coming around to the understanding that chandelier might actually work in their home too.

Chandeliers are a great addition to any home as it instantly adds a touch of class but it also combines the classic with the modern. Chandeliers set the tone for whatever room it goes in and automatically turns the room into one that starts conversations. Chandelier give your home character and expresses confidence in your taste and how you want your room to look.


Chandeliers Could Be Perfect For Your Home

In the past chandeliers were positioned solely in a foyer or grand dining rooms. Those ideas are now changing and chandeliers can be found in all areas of the home wherever you have the confidence to make them fit. One of the most popular places to place chandelier at the moment is in bedrooms. In placing chandeliers in a bedroom you give the whole room added significance. The room becomes much more than a place just to simply sleep and instead feels like a place where you can spend time relaxing and reading rather than just sleeping.

The introduction of more modernly designed chandelier means that chandeliers are now being found in even less likely places such as bathrooms, kitchens and even closets. The key here is that by adding chandeliers you are upgrading the room with one simple, if quite extravagant, fitting. Chandeliers are so powerful that they impose themselves on any place they are put and their influence helps you to then decorate the rest of the room around this beautiful center piece.

With the rise of the popularity in chandelier the manufacturers and lighting shops sydney are also adapting their chandeliers to the homes and rooms that are now demanding them. Chandeliers are being made in smaller sizes than was traditionally the case and the colours are also being more adaptable in lines with modern requirements. So while chandeliers are never going to be anything other than traditional classics no matter where they go today there are contemporary takes on this theme so that your Sydney home doesn’t have to feel stuffy or old fashioned when incorporating chandelier.

Whilst it is difficult to go wrong with chandeliers there are a few things to bear in mind when putting one in your home for the first time. If you are placing chandelier over a table make sure that it is not hanging a mile from the table. As a rule of thumb keep about 30 inches from the bottom of chandeliers to the top of the table. You also need to remember that big is beautiful with chandeliers. If you don’t get the right size, chandelier can easily look too small and out of place especially when hanging in a large room. The bottom line is that when you decide to go with chandeliers you need to go all in and be bold with your design choice.